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The Hatfield Business Association (HBA) was formed in 1987 by a group of local business owners in Hatfield, Massachusetts.  The purpose of the group was to provide businesses with resources that would help them to grow and be more successful.  To find out more about the HBA, its history, and our current officers, please follow the links below.
HBA Overview
The goal of the HBA is to provide businesses with resources that will help them to grow and succeed.  We work with local businesses from Hatfield, MA and the surrounding area, while also providing support to the local schools and community. (more)
HBA History
The HBA was started in 1987 by several business owners in the town of Hatfield.  This group began to work to find ways that businesses in town could prosper from working together, and how the group could help aid in the success of local businesses. (more)
The current President of the Hatfield Business Association is Peter Rakelbusch of Peter-the-Picker (formally 21st Century Antiques).  Other officers include Treasurer Maureen Hillard formerly of Maureen's Paintin' Pallette, and Secretary Christopher Smith of Hatfield Printing & Publishing. For complete profiles and contact information of the HBA Officers, please click here.

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