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The town of Hatfield was founded in 1670, and is a community that is rich in agricultural history. Located on the banks of the Connecticut River, Hatfield is a small rural town that prides itself on its' close-knit community. The town is part of Hampshire County in Western Massachusetts, and consists of approximately 3,500 citizens.  For more information about different aspects of the town, please view the links to the left.
Town History
English colonists moving up the Connecticut River settled in Hatfield about 1660 on land that had been purchased from the nearby Native American Indian village of Norwottuck. The location was desirable because of the large amounts of relatively flat, rich, and stone-free agriculture land and the small waterfall which could power a mill on what became known as the Mill River. For a decade the settlement was legally part of the Town of Hadley, but in 1670 Hatfield separated from Hadley and built its own meeting house which served as the center of government and the Congregational Church. (more)
History of Hatfield Business
The first officially recognized business in the town of Hatfield was the Old Grist Mill located on the banks of the Mill River waterfall.  Other early commerce and business in the town was very much centered on agriculture and factory work, with a significant amount of farming and several mill and factory buildings existing in town.  Some of the major events in Hatfield business included the creation of the Railroad in 1846 and the completion of Interstate 91 in 1964. (more)
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Economic Development
The Town of Hatfield is actively seeking commercial and/or light industrial organizations to help complement our small community of 3500 people and enhance funding for current and future town services. So that we do this intelligently and maintain the character of our town, Hatfield has developed and approved a comprehensive growth master plan to include an overhaul of its zoning regulations. The town has also completed its first Economic Development Plan and is in the process of forming an economic development entity to facilitate the planís implementation and to work with interested developers and/or businesses. (more)

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